My Mother's Love was founded to honour one particular mother's work with disadvantaged children, young adults and the community over the past 30 years.


The charity aims to unite children and young people from around the world to work together to improve all aspects of their environment, in local community projects across Europe, America, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and a summer camp in Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.


The young people's experiences will incorporate a number of organised elements in priority sectors such as:


Environment & Conservation - Agriculture - Health Care - Sport - Tourism - Creative Industries - Sciences


The young people will participate in a variety of projects and associated interactive and educational environments that will challenge them to find the greatness within themselves. Some experiences will effect them on an emotional level and others will be of pure fun, energy and excitement.


The charity's mission is to preserve and share the legacy, ideals and visions of its partners, made up of public and private organisations. It wishes to make a positive difference in the world by inspiring personal growth and respect for our shared humanity.  This will be achieved by ensuring that participants develop their skills in a number of areas including:


Personal Development - Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution - Respect - Cross Cultural Education - Gender Equality - Intergenerational Issues - Children's Rights