Being the best you can be...


...And still striving for better!




Over the course of our programme sessions with young people, the My Mother's Love team have constantly been surprised, often in the most positive of ways. To our minds, the young people we work with are full of initiative, enthusiasm, talent and ambition. However, the surprises haven't always been as positive as we would like them to be. We have been amazed to discover that a number of the young people involved in our projects don't value themselves in the same way that we do.


"I'm not good enough"

"I'm just a commoner, that person is too important to want to talk to me."

"That car is too posh for me to sit in!"


Lack of confidence and self-worth are issues that many people face. However, we want to ensure that the young people we come into contact with believe in themselves to the same extent that we do. We know that they are capable of great things. As a result, we have developed a new initiative, with the aim of helping young participants on our projects, and indeed young people everywhere, realise that you are always good enough. All that really matters is being the best they can be at whatever they set their mind to.


With this initiative we will be looking to inspire young people everywhere by having positive role models from all walks of life tell their own personal stories. These accounts will explain how those who have already been successful, in whatever their chosen field, endeavour to overcome adversity and work towards the ethos that My Mother's Love is determined instil in tomorrow's generation.


The Following is what Angela Ferreira wrote to Inspire young people everywhere:


Being the best you can be is much easier when you are doing something you enjoy because when the going gets tough – as it always does and always will – it is easier to bear if you have overall enjoyment and satisfaction from your job.


In my working life at the BBC and Channel 4, I have encountered many young people who would like to enter journalism or TV and tell me that they have a passion for the media; that they’d like to be a presenter or director and just need help finding a way in.


People love to help, to impart their knowledge, to ‘give back’.  People get a kick out of saying, ‘oh, my young person from x college is doing very well.’  So if you need help, advice or guidance ask for it.  You’d be surprised at how often people are keen to support those who are helping themselves but you must also be prepared to do your part to help the relationship.


Let’s go back to passion.  Passion is a good thing. Passion will help you focus on your goals and be the best so when I hear that word I get very excited and ask them to send me some clips of them presenting or interviewing a local band or send the films that they have directed at school or college. So imagine my disappointment when so often the next sentence is ‘Oh, I haven’t got anything.’  It actually doesn’t matter what the reason is why the young person I’m speaking to hasn’t acted on their passion when they have a phone with a camera and video on it. The truth is that passion is very hard work and even those with natural talent like Mo Farah will say after a race when the commentator asks him his secret for winning, ‘No secret; just hard work and grafting.’


Similarly those on The X Factor or having football trials won’t often talk about the early mornings, the relentless schedules, the travelling or having to be nice to people all day long in order to fulfil their passion.  Their passion is hard work but the fact that they enjoy it, get pleasure and satisfaction from it helps to make it worthwhile and gives them focus to carry on.


Not everyone will have a grand passion but the lesson is the same.  If you enjoy something you will be better at it and the day will go much more quickly. And if you throw yourself into something that you didn’t think you were going to enjoy then making a bit of extra effort will usually reap rewards. The words individually might be small but they add up. When you hear, ‘thanks so much for helping me’; ‘that is the best cup of tea I’ve had all week’; ‘well done on sorting that out’; will make the job -whatever it is - more fun and help you to be the best.