Our Mothers...

Why should we only honour our mothers once a year on Mother's Day, show them how important they are to us just on their birthdays or even at Christmas? We shouldn't!


If you have a short story about your mother or a message you want to share about how special she is, please don't hesitate to send it to us. Each month we will be choosing one to feature as our Mother of the Month.


My Mother is special because...


...to me, my mother is my Queen. The day my Queen met 'the' Queen, seeing them together brought a tear to my eye. It was a very proud moment for me and a day I will remember and cherish forever.


I admire my mother because she is a very humble person, even when those around her give her high praise.


I respect my mother because she always has time for everyone and anyone who needs her. She continues to contribute greatly to the community and to work with and support young adults, helping shape their future.


I love my mother because many people who know her, who's life she's touched, and many of the children who she has cared for love her enough to call her mum themselves. I love her because she is always there supporting, guiding and loving me unconditionally. She is my Queen!