Our Projects. Be in your MMLement!®

We have developed a number of local and international projects and initiatives to introduce, promote and educate children and young adults on personal, life and environmental strategies and issues.


Our goal is to provide inspiration and direction that will act as guidance for further education, career choices, and personal development.

Project 1. Summer Camp - "Camp V"

"Camp V" will be held annually in Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique and will bring together children aged between 12-16 from the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa and the USA.


Utilising the expert knowledge of our partners, the children will experience a variety of interactive and educational environments, which will provide them with a fun, exciting and memorable experience.

Project 2. Delegate Programme

The MML Delegate Programme is a platform focused on young adults aged between 16-19 who will work on a variety of projects throughout the year. These projects will focus on a number of sectors and will benefit both the environment and their local communities.


On completion of the programme a number of participants will travel to various locations around the world to work on projects with our partner organisations and governments.



Project 3. MMLeven®

The MMLeven® charity football games are a unique international platform that will raise funds and awareness for the charity whilst promoting its goals and projects.


This platform will bring tremendous benefits to young men and women aspiring to become professional footballers around the world!